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Is about maintaining the improvements and the benefits.

Having implemented improvements it is important to ensure they are sustained. There should be a process in place to ensure sustainability.

Sustainability is not about techniques its about people. Some people are resistant to change and can break the process that has been put in place. Therefore, it is important to monitor the new process, look for unwanted behaviour and attitudes and attempt to wipe these out as early as possible. Otherwise people movements may be the only option. 

The basic guidelines for ensuring sustainability is as follows:

§         Ensure there are measures in place to monitor the improvements made at the appropriate level and observe peoples’ performance

§         Allow time for housekeeping every day to ensure the process does not fail for this reason

§         There should be a formal way of documenting ideas from the employees on the front line. 

§         Adopting continuous improvement practices would be beneficial and creating documents to capture frontline employees ideas ensure that all improvement suggestions are considered

§         Employees must be able to influence decisions about the way they work

§         Again continuous improvement practices would help; their motivation will be to improve the way they work.

§         Managers should focus on improvement activities as well as normal day-to-day managing.

§         Managers should set the example and apply good continuous improvement practices as part of their every day activities.

Applying continuous improvement (click here to learn more) practices would be an appropriate process to adopt and would help to ensure sustainability.  It would have the added benefit of continually working to improve processes at the front-line level.

That has got to be good for any company!

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