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“Root Cause” problem solving means solving problems at the root rather than continuing to deal with the symptoms. 

But how do you get to the root cause? It involves 3 steps:

Step 1
Identify the problems that need attention.
Problems need to be ranked into priority order to determine which improvements need attention

The “Pareto Chart” is a useful tool to use at this step for more information 
 click here to read about

Step 2
Determine what are the root causes of the problem that needs attention.
Root cause analysis takes place after the problems have been identified and prioritised. 

The “Fish Bone Diagram” is a useful tool to use at this step for more information   click here to read about

Step 3
Sense check the root cause information gathered and collect data for analysis
.  This step is also to check if the improvements are feasible, especially if there are time factors to consider.

Sense check the information by observing processes and collecting details using checklist and tally sheets to collect the data for analysis. For more information about these sheets – click here to read about

To assess feasibility, the “Difficulty and Impact Analysis” is a useful tool to use, for more information click here to read about

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