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Project Management> Project Management for large and small projects

The best way to ensure a projectís success is to use project management methods.  Project management is using a common sense approach to manage projects in an organised way.  

The extent to which you apply the project management methods will depend on the size and importance of the project you are managing. 

Large Projects
Project management is a necessity for big projects that involve large teams, perhaps working on different parts of the projects. 


In this instance clear documentation and good communication is essential to ensure everyone is working together effectively.  The full range of project management documents should therefore be used and the Risks, Issues and Lessons Learned registers (see to learn more about Project Management Documents and Risks, Issues and Lessons Learned Registers and view templates)

Small Projects
On smaller projects, involving perhaps two or three people formal project management is less essential. Communication is a small team can usually take place more informally, especially if team members sit close together.  An agreement and project scheduling can all be done informally. 


However, small projects can still go wrong. Therefore, project management can help even the smallest project. 


However, it makes little sense to produce loads of documentation for a small project.  The effort has to be justified by the result.  The test must be: is it useful?


A Project Initiation Document (PID) may appear over the top but it will help clarify ideas, improve communication and accountability.


A project schedule will help you to plan ahead and allocate resources.


Therefore, if nothing else, the plan and the PID (even in a cut down form or with minimal text under each heading) ought to be created to assist you.

Project Statement
Regardless of the size of the project, a clear statement of what the project will produce will also help you communicate your needs to the project team and any suppliers. 

To conclude, if project management methods make for a successful project, no matter how small, itís worth the extra effort.

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