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Here are some useful Project planning tips to help you plan your project to ensure it achieves its objectives.

  • Break project tasks into manageable sections or stages.
  • Break your project plan down into Outcomes or Deliverables required at each stage.  This will:
    • Help you spot when things are going wrong
    • Allow you to identify and support any item which is taking longer than expected
    • Make it easier to assess the impact of changes and change the plan if need be
    • Create a feeling of success when items are finished on time or early.


    • You need to find the right level of detail - too large and it will be hard to monitor and control; too small and it becomes unwieldy.
    • The further away a stage is, the less easy or important, it is to include a lot of detail.  You can firm up plans for later stages nearer the time. But you could include a milestone to target a date when you will add more detail to your plan.
  • Next establish the sequence of the Deliverables. For example:
    • Check if there are any deliverables that have to be completed at the same time as others.
    • Check is there are any deliverables that need to be completed before another deliverable can start.
    • Check if there are any deliverables that must start on a fixed date.
  • Check and indicate if any deliverables are dependent on each other.   Identifying these deliverables will help you organise the work so you can ensure it is done logically.
  • Also agree who will carry out the work to produce each deliverable.
  • Estimate how much time it will take to produce each deliverable.
  • Determine the milestones. These are key dates when you should check the Project is on course and to measure its progress. Also represents the key dates when an activity should be achieved or is required (e.g. a report should be produced, progress meeting should take place).
  • Finally, it is important that you ensure you will have sufficient resources to make your plan work.


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