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Project risks need to be identified, evaluated, recorded and managed.  The aim is to prevent the risks becoming a “barrier” to successfully completing a Project. 

For all identified project risks, appropriate counter-measures need to be planned, resourced and implemented to ensure that all the risks within the project are monitored and controlled.


You can use a Project Risk Register (which is sometimes referred to as the Project Risk Management Plan) to help you control risks. 


The risks are recorded in the register with details of the probability of the risk occurring and the likely impact on the Project.  (Click here to view examples which contains guidance notes on how to rate the probability or impact of the risk)


Counter-measures should also be put in place or be considered to minimise the risk occurring and details should be recorded in the register.


Owners should also be appointed to monitor and control the risks and this should also be recorded in the register.


Risks of Success


Risks are commonly viewed as the 'barriers' to a project’s success and should be managed. 


However, there are also a set of risks, which are commonly known as the “risks of success”. 


The identification of these risks, as well as the barriers to success, is extremely important.  Some questions are given below which help you identify what your risks of success might be:

  • If we achieve our vision what problems and side effects will this cause?
  • Who will lose out as a result of this project?
  • For those risks identified, what effects will they have and will they present a problem to the project?

Some useful examples of risks of success are given below:

  • Over stimulation of demand
  • Moral hazard
  • Policy clashes
  • Precedents
  • Perverse incentives
  • Adverse responses

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