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Project Management>Checking quality - Tips

The quality criteria for major pieces of work should have been defined when you were doing your project planning. 


The work you produce should be independently checked wherever possible to sure it will meet the quality criteria. 


You can arrange for someone to check one aspect of a piece of work or the whole Deliverable.


Make sure those involved in the review have specialist knowledge or experience to offer, or have a vested interest (e.g. a stakeholder).


For example – a quality review can be as simple as circulating a draft paper or report and asking for comments before finalising it.  When you ask people to review papers for you:

  • Always give the reviewer time to look at the work

  • Meeting to 'walk through' the comments with reviewers would be useful.  This avoids ambiguity and focuses on constructive comments 

  • It also helps spread ownership and gain commitment, therefore involving people who will have a vested interest in the outcome of the project would be a good move (e.g. stakeholder(s) – such as the end user of the product or report you are designing).

Remember to arrange for reviewers to plan the time to carry out a review.


If the deliverable does not meet the required standard you will need to decide whether you can live with its shortcomings, or whether you need to take remedial action.  You will also need to consider what impact this would have to the project and any other areas.


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