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Analysis>Check and Tally Sheets

The Check Sheet is for data gathering that can be used for root cause analysis. 


It can be used to gather data to check for problem areas and to help identify root causes.  The data can be used to identify the scale of a problem and to spot trends by charting and comparing data collected over a period of time. 


A Check Sheet is used for:

  1. Distinguishing between fact and opinion (example: how does the employees perceive the effectiveness of a process?)

  2. Gathering data about how often a problem is occurring (example: how often is the widget machine going wrong?)

  3. Gathering data about the type of problem occurring (example: What is the most common type of problem that is occurring e.g. widgets marked, dented, broken?)

Steps to create a Check Sheet

  1. Clarify the measurement objectives. Ask questions such as "What is the problem?”, "Why should data be collected?", "Who will use the information being collected?", "Who will collect the data?"

  2. Create a form for collecting data. Determine the specific things that will be measured and write this down the left side of the check sheet. Determine the time or place being measured and write this across the top of the columns.

  3. Collect the data for the items being measured. Record each occurrence directly on the Check Sheet as it happens.

  4. Tally the data by totalling the number of occurrences for each category being measured.

Example:  Check and Tally sheet

Widget Problems

Day am


Day pm
























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